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Body Slim

(*) Especially for: supporting a healthy weight-loss program, building or maintaining lean muscle mass while dieting, increasing fat burning, increasing metabolic rate

If you've struggled with weight loss or healthy weight maintenance, you may benefit from this all-natural formula, Nature's Drugstore Body Slim. It's a specialized formula that increases lipolysis and thermogenesis, meaning your body can access, break down and burn up accumulated stores of body fat much more readily.

Body Slim supports your efforts to create a healthier body! No diet pill can magically make weight disappear. But Body Slim can enhance and improve fat loss and weight control to put your ideal physique within reach!

Burn Fat: Special formula Advantra Z speeds the removal of fat through thermogenesis, without ephedra. Used in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise, Body Slim helps accelerate weight loss.

Increase Physical Performance: Body Slim helps you to access and break down fats to provide your body with more energy. Physical performance improves, particularly during aerobic exercise. Your body becomes a fat-burning machine!

Build Lean Muscle Mass: Often dieting leads to loss of lean muscle while leaving stubborn fat stores untouched! With Body Slim's Advantra Z complex, the body uses fat for energy, and increases the availability of amino acids for the building of lean muscle mass. Use with a sufficient protein intake and moderate weight training program, and you'll see your metabolic rate rise. More muscle means faster metabolism!

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