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Male Sexual Enhancement Package

Take new confidence in your sexual performance with the Men's Better Sex Kit, your total sexual improvement kit!

Using well-proven, all-natural libido enhancers, sexual strengtheners, and erotic stimulants, this package gives your body what it needs for award-winning sexual performance. The male libido booster (Katana) contains compounds used for sexual enhancement and for curing erectile dysfunction, each boasting centuries of successful use.

Increase potency, volume, and the intensity of orgasm using Virital, our natural volume and fertility supplement. And pump-up the pleasure in your erection with VigRX Oil, an instant treatment for improving erection hardness that increases circulation, sensitivity, and general sexual arousal. Become the man you might be!

Components of this kit are:

  • Katana
  • Viratal
  • VigRX Oil

Component Product Information:

Katana Benefits

  • Boosts male libido and sexual performance
  • Improves erection frequency and reliability
  • Increased semen volume for improved fertility and potency
  • Non-sexual health benefits such as increased energy levels

Virital Benefits

  • Increased fertility through improved sperm motility, ejaculate volume and force of ejaculate
  • More pleasurable orgasms
  • Shorter downtime between orgasms
  • Boosts sex drive and libido

VigRX Oil Benefits

  • General stimulation of the sexual organs and increased sexual pleasure
  • Increased confidence in your ability to perform
  • Shorter downtime between orgasms
  • Completely non-toxic and edible
  • No harmful side effects

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