GenF20 HGH releaser to increase or maintain Human Growth Hormone levels.

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GenFX HGH Releaser

(*) Especially for: restoring youthful levels of Human Growth Hormone, support of all body functions and appearance through improved HGH levels

Here's a Human Growth Hormone (HGH) releaser that works wonders. HGH is a protein-type hormone made up of 190 amino acids, secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. HGH directs and affects the entire body and all its systems of cells, bones, muscles, organs, glands and nerves by controlling and signalling via other hormones or directly. It acts either directly on other cells, binding to them to create a specific action (like fat breakdown), or indirectly by triggering the release of other chemicals.

We produce HGH naturally in our bodies in generous amounts when we are young, but, like everything else, HGH production drops off dramatically after the age of 21. By the time we're 40, HGH has slowed so much that nearly everyone is deficient in HGH.

GenFX HGH reverses that trend by stimulating the body to secrete more of its own HGH, effectively recreating the youthful conditions in the body that everyone desires.

Here's just a partial list of the abilities of HGH:

  • Acts as powerful anti-aging remedy
  • Improves energy and endurance
  • Improves sports performance and recovery
  • Builds a stronger immune system
  • Reduces fat storage
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Builds lean muscle
  • Increases bone density
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves sex drive
  • Improves sexual performance and enjoyment
  • Improves heart health
  • Reduces cholesterol levels
  • Reverses signs of aging in skin
  • Promotes thicker hair growth
  • Improves mood
  • Contributes to more beneficial sleep
  • Reduces the risk of developing Type II adult-onset diabetes
  • Improves memory

GenFX users say:

  • Get the benefits of HGH without the painful, expensive injections that used to be needed. Now you can boost your own HGH levels easily!
  • Really like a fountain of youth. GenFX helps in so many areas of health and wellness it's almost hard to think of something it doesn't do.
  • Results within the first week, with increased benefits as you continue to take GenFX.
  • Clinical proof of HGH benefits has appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine and other prestigious publications.

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