The Couple's Libido Kit helps improve sexual desire for couples.

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Couple's Libido System

According to modern medical research, a healthy sex life is vital to supporting a person's overall health. However, many of us become less sexually active, and pay the price for it.

Lowered sex drive in women is often caused by hormonal imbalances such as declining production of progesterone and estrogen. For men, it is very often a combination of stress, often related to work, and other psychological pressures. Take control of your sex drive, and turn up the heat in your sex lives! Donít let your busy life get in the way of a healthy sex life; the Couple's Better Libido Kit is the perfect way to arouse both your passions!

Components of this kit are:

  • estraVil
  • Katana

Component Product Information:

estraVil Benefits

  • Balances hormones and increases female libido
  • Increases female sexual response, sensitivity, and intensifies orgasm
  • Tones and strengthens the female sexual and uterine systems
  • No harmful side-effects

Katana Benefits

  • Boosts male libido and sexual performance
  • Improves erection frequency and reliability
  • Increased semen volume for improved fertility and potency
  • Non-sexual health benefits such as increased energy levels

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